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UNESCO launches online guide to raise students’ awareness regarding the importance of the oceans

The Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO (IOC-UNESCO) has launched its Ocean Literacy program, which includes a guide, a website for raising awareness and promoting knowledge exchange and a tool kit for integrating the oceanic culture in schools all across the globe.

Promoting the oceanic culture is one of UNESCO’s goals for the Decade of Ocean Science, proclaimed by the United Nations for the years of 2021-2030.

Through a partnership between the São Paulo Federal University (UNIFESP)’s Tide of Science Program and the Bureau of Natural Environment of Santos County, a Portuguese version of the publication will also be released under the title “Ocean Literacy for All: a tool kit”. The guide is available for use in both private and public schools and can be accessed here.

The Portuguese version will be formally released during an event scheduled to take place on September 5th and 6th at Santos (SP), the biggest port city in Brazil. The launch is going to count with the participation of IOC-UNESCO’s employees, Francesca Santoro, author of the kit and coordinator of the Ocean Literacy program, and Vinicius Lindoso, IOC’s communication’s official.

The Ocean Literacy Program is an invitation for schools, businesses, NGOs, governments, universities, communities, and citizens to recognize the role played by the oceans in our lives; talk about their importance and recognize our influence over them; reflect on behaviors and propose action plans, public policies and innovative tools which can help to maintain the oceans and ensure a good quality of life for future generations.  

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