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The ASPNetwork doesn’t offer financial or material resources to its associates. If so, why is it that so many institutions are remarkably interested in becoming part of this organization, which at the moment has over a thousand candidates?

There are many equally important reasons which make a school aspire to become part of UNESCO's Associated Schools Program. One of PEA UNESCO’s particularities is that schools work together without having to worry about competing against each other, united by shared ideals and commitments. This generates an environment of mutual learning and growth.

Co-operating with a network, exchanging knowledge, and establishing far-reaching educational objectives encourages schools to be better. This is confirmed by a recent research conducted by Brazil’s PEA UNESCO, which shows 91,2% of the administrators interviewed textually asserted that being of the network changed their institutions for the better.

In addition, o programa baseia todas as suas ações em formação, que ocorrem no Encontro Nacional, no Encontro Regional, na revista do PEA UNESCO, em formações temáticas e outras oportunidades frequentes.

​The PEA UNESCO Network also offers schools an international scope: all associates are allowed to take part in global projects and contests, which provides a universal perspective of the current educational challenges faced all over the world.

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