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One of the main commitments of Associated Schools, as UNESCO Ambassadors, is to maintain the institution’s image. This is an extremely important factor when it comes to the relationship between schools and UNESCO. A main issue, for instance, is the common sense in using the official trademark.

Just like brands of exclusive use, which by themselves represent an universal heritage, the UNESCO and PEA-UNESCO logos must be very carefully used by Associated Schools.

The concession made by Associated Schools for the use of these logos in projects conducted by other institutions (i.e. sponsorship) is not allowed. This decision can be made exclusively by UNESCO and the National Coordination.

In the same way, schools must be very aware of their marketing campaigns in order to avoid the association of the trademarks to enrollment projects, publicity announcements and other actions which have an exclusive marketing nature - particularly because of how contradictory these actions are to the main spirit which characterizes our work.


It is just as important for institutions to grasp the full symbolical meaning of the trademark, which was recently redesigned in order to more accurately depict the network’s dynamism.

Created by a Bolivian student in 1983, the first trademark combined symbols such as the planet, a dove, a book, children, and the sun.

The new version preserves certain elements, simplifying them. The open book represents education; the dove represents peace; and the globe represents multicultural dialogue.

From now on, the PEA-UNESCO trademark cannot be used separately from the UNESCO trademark. 

Associated School Identification Plate

The plate must apply to the following guidelines:

- made of glass or acrylic (5mm); 40cm x 36cm, with 2cm reserved for margin.

- mirrored sticker applied to the back of the plaque with a digital print

- affixation with a 5cm metallic pin (“french button” model)

Each school can choose its own model, as long as the necessary measurements in order to correctly used the trademark are taken.

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