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Rua Duque Costa, 164
Jardim Marajoara - Sala 60
São Paulo/SP - Brasil
CEP: 04671-160  


Up until March 31st, all associated and candidate schools must submit their pre-projects, or in other words, a document which enumerates the institution’s main work projects for the current year.

This is one of the few - yet unavoidable - obligations of the schools which take part in the PEA UNESCO Network. The non-fulfillment of this step makes the schools susceptible to elimination from the program.

There is no need for an extensive description. However, it is important to shed light on the central guidelines of each project.  
To do so, fill out the following application form (both in Portuguese and the preferred foreign language).


Pre-Project Formulary Template (doc)

Moreover, it is also necessary to forward an Activities Report to the National Coordination. Through this international document, the country’s UNESCO branch has access to all of the actions promoted by its associated schools and is able to file its own report to the International Coordination.​

Through these reports, the National Coordination is also able to keep track of the Network’s activities, the quality of its projects and the most popular themes. In addition, they are essential for the creation of content for our magazine, as well as selecting the experiences which will be presented at the national meetings.

For this reason, all schools must fill out and submit the following documents up until November 30th, at the latest.

Annual School Activities Report Template (PT)

Annual School Activities Report Template (EN)

The document must be submitted in two different languages to the National Coordination email (, accompanied by a copy directed to the Regional Coordination